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Line 1-Gorgeous happy virus

Line 2-Gorgeous maknaes

Line 3-Gorgeous main & lead vocalist

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*Forgot to mention in the first account, in line at Tower of Terror, there was a sign (I forgot what it said) and the members pointed at it, and Kris translated it for them in Korean.

Chanyeol also butchered saying “Tower of Terror” as “Towurrr of Terrurrrr” and Kris said it after…

Happy 21st Birthday to EXO’s Guardian Angel, Kim Jun Myeon! 

You’ve went through so much hardship for a whole 7 years and I’m sure you’ve had feelings of giving up or full of worries…

But you still never gave up during that whole long period of time. You preserved on, never quitted, and always had your mind on your dream of becoming a singer to come true.

You’re truly a strong and amazing person. 

I’m really glad you never gave up, or else we wouldn’t have a beautiful shining guardian angel like you to watch over all of EXO. No one else can suit that role beautifully except you. 

Have a wonderful birthday, Su Ho!!~ 

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kai’s aegyo (●⌒∇⌒●)

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